The services offered by Norbert Notthoff encompass the following main thematic areas.

Interior Design

Redesigning a home is always an exciting journey. Every room has to be designed so that a family, a couple or a single person feels comfortable, to then fill it with new furniture, and of course favourite items, memorabilia and emotions.
Norbert Notthoff always pays special attention to where the residence is located and in what period it was built.
He draws on the expertise of selected partners from all trades to turn the client’s wishes and ideas into reality.

Art Direction

Creative ideas can touch people, move them; and in so doing change and take a company forward. Aesthetic sensibility, talent, team spirit and inspirational concepts are essential to achieving an ambitious, sustainable outcome.


The finishing touch to any interior design is imparted by its decoration with suitable items. Whether in private or in a furniture store showroom.
Norbert Notthoff selects, combines and positions.

People and brands

Everyone likes to surround themselves with nice things – both to enjoy them and as an expression of their individuality.
Bringing together people and brands whose expectations and standards of design and quality coincide
has always been his great passion.

What inspires him: